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Braces and Invisalign becoming more common for Adults in Las Vegas

Adults in Las Vegas are increasingly seeking out orthodontic treatment to improve their smiles.  In my Las Vegas dental office alone we have seen an over 120% increase in the past two years in adults seeking out orthodontic treatment.  Dental braces have become more popular in Las Vegas and throughout the country as more people have been educated on the benefits of a straight healthy smile. Much of the increase in adult orthodontics can likely be attributed to the ease and convenience of newer, modern methods in teeth straightening. 

In Las Vegas, NV Invisalign is the most popular option for adults seeking our orthodontic treatment.  Invisalign has become an important option because it is nearly invisible (very few adults like the idea of looking like an akward teenager).  Also, for most adults Invisalign is more comfortable than traditional orthodontics, because the tooth movement are precise and gentle.  Tooth movements are programmed into the Invisalign system using sophisticated …

Invisalign may be the secret to a better love life!

The Invisalign company recently did a survey of 2000 single adults to evaluate the impact that a healthy smile has on dating life.  Invisalign found the following interesting facts:

82%  agreed that the 1st thing people notice about others is their smile92%  note that a mouth-related trait is a major turn-off in a potential partner82% say bad breath is a major turn-offWhen asked what personal traits make adults self-conscious, three in ten (30%) U.S. adults cite their teeth, followed by their hair (26%), skin (23%) and overall style (13%).39% feel that having a treatment/procedure done to their teeth would help them attract a potential mate. And more than one in five (21%) U.S. adults feel that straightening their teeth would help them change their status from “single” to “in a relationship.” Maybe it is just a coincidence but within a year of straightening my teeth with invisalign my relationship status went from single to married.  I have seen transformations in so many of my Las Ve…