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Invisalign Premier Provider Designation awarded to Dr. Mark Edington in Las Vegas on Aug. 1, 2011

2011 Invisalign Premier Preferred designation means that Las Vegas Dentist Dr. Mark Edington has achieved an exceptional level of Invisalign case experience. This puts Dr. Edington in the top 1% of Nevada dentists providing Invisalign (Modern Dental Care is among the top 5 Invisalign dentists in Southern Nevada- that includes orthodontists!).

Las Vegas Dentists are using Lasers

Modern Dental Care in Las Vegas is now the proud owner of the Odyssey Diode Laser. Lasers are the more precise and less traumatic than any other technique. Lasers are becoming more popular with dentists and dental patients here in Las Vegas because the healing time is faster. Our laser is being used to create beautiful cosmetic contours in the gum tissue to frame smiles. We can also use the laser to create precise margins around porcelain crowns and veneers, assist with surgical procedures, and to disinfect and relieve painful cold sore lesions.

Invisalign Las Vegas Clear Removable Dental Braces

I have had alot of people here in Las Vegas asking me about Invisalign lately. People want to know if it really works- and the answer is YES. I don't know why anyone who is a candidate for Invisalign would choose metal braces. Invisalign is clear, comfortable and removable. You can effectively straighten your teeth often in less time than traditional braces. I straightened my own teeth with the Invisalign system and I am a believer. It works! If you think you may be a candidate, you can call Modern Dental Care at 702-372-4039 and set up an evaluation appointment. We are one of the highest rated dentists in Las Vegas. Online appointments can be requested at