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Laser dentistry in Las Vegas

Lasers have become increasingly more common in Las Vegas as dentists expand the use of lasers for dental care.  Soft tissue lasers help dentists to expose tooth structure that has been buried in unhealthy puffy gums.  Laser are used to sterilized gum tissues in the treatment of periodontal disease to shorten healing time after treatment by dental hygienists.  Lasers can zap cold sores and decrease the severity of recurrence.  Apthous ulcers, tissue tags and infections can all be treated with lasers.  The applications for a dental laser are growing everyday and I find new uses for my laser each year at my practice here in Las Vegas. I feel lucky to have a diode laser at my disposal for daily use on my patients.  They appreciate the comfort of laser procedures in comparison with the old way of doing things.  The precision of a dental laser assisted procedure is simply unmatched by any other method.  I wish that all my colleagues her in Las Vegas would jump onboard and get a laser themse…

It's Time to Prepare for Flu Season in Las Vegas

As the weather cools down here in Las Vegas, we have some beautiful weather to enjoy.  Unfortunately this is also the season when the flu virus starts to spread in the valley.  I just got my flu shot at Walgreens for $30 and I would recommend anyone in the medical professions do the same to prevent the spread of this awful sickness.  Additionally, here are 10 ways to keep body ready to fight infection

1. GET PLENTY OF REST – at least 8 hours.
2. EAT IMMUNE BOOSTING FOODS – Vitamin rich fruits, whole grains, and colorful vegetables. Fatty foods slow your metabolism. Avoid alcohol – it can decrease your resistance to viral infection.
3. TAKE YOUR DAILY SUPPLEMENTS – Beta C, anti-oxidants like CoQ10, the B Complex, AMs multiple vitamins for vitality during the day, PMs for your trace minerals to rebuild the skeletal matrix while you sleep, AG IMMUNE for building your immune system.
4. WASH YOUR HANDS FREQUENTLY in hot soapy water for at least 15 seconds to the song “Happy Birthday to…

Invisalign Summit 3013 in Las Vegas

Invisalign held their premiere educational event for dentists around the world here in Las Vegas over the weekend.  I attended the conference with our wonderful hygienist Jessica Riley.  Jessica is the ONLY hygienist from Las Vegas to attend the 2013 Invisalign Summit.  We learned a few new tips that will make Invisalign even more predictable for our patients.  We feel so lucky to have this major event right here in Las Vegas.  If you are a Las Vegas or Henderson resident looking to improve your smile, you can find an experienced Invisalign provider on their website or checkout my office at

Invisalign getting national exposure

Invisalign was featured on the CBS national morning talk show The Doctors in the "Hide It, Fix It, Flaunt It" episode, which focused on simple ways to address small imperfections.  My practice located in Las Vegas, NV has been offering Invisalign to our patients since 2006.  Modern Dental Care received Invisalign premiere provider status in 2011.