Invisalign may be the secret to a better love life!

The Invisalign company recently did a survey of 2000 single adults to evaluate the impact that a healthy smile has on dating life.  Invisalign found the following interesting facts:

  • 82%  agreed that the 1st thing people notice about others is their smile
  • 92%  note that a mouth-related trait is a major turn-off in a potential partner
  • 82% say bad breath is a major turn-off
  • When asked what personal traits make adults self-conscious, three in ten (30%) U.S. adults cite their teeth, followed by their hair (26%), skin (23%) and overall style (13%).
  • 39% feel that having a treatment/procedure done to their teeth would help them attract a potential mate. And more than one in five (21%) U.S. adults feel that straightening their teeth would help them change their status from “single” to “in a relationship.”
Maybe it is just a coincidence but within a year of straightening my teeth with invisalign my relationship status went from single to married.  I have seen transformations in so many of my Las Vegas patients that I am excited to offer teeth straightening with invisalign as a major confidence booster.

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