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National Root Canal Appreciation Day

You heard it here first-

Dentists nationwide are preparing to take a stand for the much-maligned root canal. “After years as the butt of the joke, it’s time to take the root canal out of the closet. We must hold it in high esteem for the millions of teeth it saves every year in America!” proclaims Chris Kammer, the Madison, Wisconsin dentist who is spearheading the effort.
Dr. Kammer has led the call to champion the root canal in an effort to reverse its negative image. So, he has officially declared the first-ever National Root Canal Appreciation Day. Designated Wednesday, May 11, 2005, this special day will be headquartered in Madison, WI.
At first glance, a Root Canal Appreciation Day may sound a bit peculiar, but it is designed with the admirable goal of reversing a common misconception behind a routine, comfortable dental procedure that saves 42 million teeth each year.
Dr. Kammer believes National Root Canal Appreciation Day will go a long way to educate the public about the ease an…

Modern Teeth Whitening

We live in a city where appearances matter. White teeth project health & youth, and encourage smiling. A great smile improves relationships, career advancement, and social interactions. I can't think of any investment in your appearance that will make a more lasting impression for less money than teeth whitening.

Modern Dental Care provides teeth whitening options tailored to your individual smile.

Option 1- BASIC whitening involves fabrication of custom trays that are filled with whitening solution and worn at night for up to two weeks or more. Results are impressive.

Option 2- ADVANCED whitening is for patients who want immediate results and optimal whitening. An advanced whitening gel is applied to teeth in office. Our advanced formula requires no light activation, which means you are free to watch television in our comfortable chairs during treatment. We place a barrier on the gums to prevent irritation and discomfort. Within an hour 95% of our patients will see significantl…

Modern Gum Treatment


Gum disease is very common here in Las Vegas. Fortunately, modern techniques allow us to treat gum disease and prevent tooth loss. Lets look at the two most common gum conditions and discuss treatment for each.

Gingivitis- red, swollen gums caused by your body reacting to food and bacteria accumulating on the teeth. This accumulation is called plaque. When it hardens over time, it is called tartar. Gingivitis is very common and easily reversed in most cases by daily flossing and routine professional cleaning.

Treatment for most forms of gingivitis is simple. It consists of a routine cleaning, fluoride treatment, and pointing out areas where you need to brush and floss better. Listerine or prescription chlorhexine mouthrinses can help to get gingivitis under control, but are not necessary for routine hygiene and NOT a substitute for flossing.

Periodontitis- gums and supporting bone receding away from teeth. Often the supporting bone recedes from the teeth without vis…

Tips for healthy lips

The desert southwestern United States has seen a popluation boom in recent years. Nevada is growing the most (by percentage) with hords of new residents arriving daily. Because Nevada is the driest state in the USA, it is a sun lovers' paradise; but the dry desert air that we all love does take a toll on your skin. Desert living requires adapting new lifestyle habits to keep your skin healthy. We need to drink more water, use lotion after showering with our mineral-rich water, and apply sunblock when spending any significant amount of time outside. Lips can be especially prone to drying out. The delicate skin of our lips is prone to multiple ailments that can be made worse by the sometimes harsh desert climate.

"Cold sores" often appear on lips that have been traumatized by overexposure to sunlight. Lysine is a natural amino acid that speeds the healing of these sores. Lysine is available over the counter at most pharmacies. You should avoid milk products when taking …

2006 ADA dental convention held in Las Vegas

The 2006 American Dental Association convention was held right here in Las Vegas in October. The convention opened my eyes to a number of new products and services that I plan to incorporate into my private dental practice. It was great to mingle with dental professionals from all over the world, sharing knowlege and ideas. Link to news article: ADA News: Las Vegas session draws 'incredible attendance'

Fluoride in Las Vegas water

Las Vegas water is fluoridated to the optimal levels for dental health; however, your filtration system or bottled water may not provide the needed fluoride for healthy enamel. Find out more about fluoride in Southern Nevada by clicking the following link to the water authority's website: Fluoride