Braces and Invisalign becoming more common for Adults in Las Vegas

Adults in Las Vegas are increasingly seeking out orthodontic treatment to improve their smiles.  In my Las Vegas dental office alone we have seen an over 120% increase in the past two years in adults seeking out orthodontic treatment.  Dental braces have become more popular in Las Vegas and throughout the country as more people have been educated on the benefits of a straight healthy smile. Much of the increase in adult orthodontics can likely be attributed to the ease and convenience of newer, modern methods in teeth straightening. 

In Las Vegas, NV Invisalign is the most popular option for adults seeking our orthodontic treatment.  Invisalign has become an important option because it is nearly invisible (very few adults like the idea of looking like an akward teenager).  Also, for most adults Invisalign is more comfortable than traditional orthodontics, because the tooth movement are precise and gentle.  Tooth movements are programmed into the Invisalign system using sophisticated algorithms to achieve the desired result.  The flexible plastic used for teeth straightening is generally more comfortable and safer than metal brackets, bands, and wires used in traditional dental braces.  Last, Invisalign is removable, which is a huge benefit for adults with busy lifestyles.  The aligners can be removed for eating, oral hygiene, or special events.  Many teenager don't mind or notice food particles left in braces after a meal, but adults are generally more conscious and want to be able to perform normal hygiene to keep their smiles sparkling.  This is after all one of the main reasons to straighten teeth.


Rosie Angelakis said…
Good article. When most people think about orthodontics, they think about braces. I think it's great to see a post that highlights some of the other things that orthodontists would work on. This is such a wide ranging field. It is unfair to minimize it to just one job.

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