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Laser dentistry in Las Vegas

Lasers have become increasingly more common in Las Vegas as dentists expand the use of lasers for dental care.  Soft tissue lasers help dentists to expose tooth structure that has been buried in unhealthy puffy gums.  Laser are used to sterilized gum tissues in the treatment of periodontal disease to shorten healing time after treatment by dental hygienists.  Lasers can zap cold sores and decrease the severity of recurrence.  Apthous ulcers, tissue tags and infections can all be treated with lasers.  The applications for a dental laser are growing everyday and I find new uses for my laser each year at my practice here in Las Vegas. I feel lucky to have a diode laser at my disposal for daily use on my patients.  They appreciate the comfort of laser procedures in comparison with the old way of doing things.  The precision of a dental laser assisted procedure is simply unmatched by any other method.  I wish that all my colleagues her in Las Vegas would jump onboard and get a laser themse…