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Grinding your teeth is BAD

Tooth grinding and clenching is very common, especially in Las Vegas. The stresses of a fast paced lifestyle often provoke negative habits such as clenching and grinding teeth. Teeth grinding should NEVER be ignored. It can lead to a number of uncomfortable conditions, such as intense headaches and tooth damage. Treatment can be as simple as a custom fitted guard to prevent your habits from causing BIG problems. Read more at the following link: AGD - What Is bruxism?

What Is A Dental Emergency?

A dental emergency is usually an unexpected and painful occurence. An emergency that requires immediate professional attention can range from a knocked out tooth to a severe, debilitating toothache. Sometimes it is obvious that your problem needs immediate attention, but at times you may wonder if you should wait until a more convenient time to visit the dentist. For an explanation of the various types of dental emergencies, and the recommended course of action, read the following link:

AGD - What Is A Dental Emergency?

Children's oral health

Migraine Prevention and Headache Prevention: The NTI Tension Suppression System and Directory-- For the prevention of migraine pain and jaw disorders

Study Finds Periodontal Treatment Does Not Lower Preterm Birth Risk, November 1, 2006 News Release - National Institutes of Health (NIH)

Looking for a Better Job? Start by Visiting the Dentist

Root canal FAQ

Pediatric HIV: Oral lesions are commonly associated with the disease

Dental Insurance: May help take the bite out of bills

Mark Edington DDS


Tongue scrapers only slightly reduce bad breath

Modern Dental Care

After 4 years of working for corporate dental clinics, I am finally starting my own dental practice. This should be an adventure for me, and a relief for those of you who have been following me around from office to office. I have planned this brand new office with your comfort in mind, incorporating the latest techniques and technologies proven to enhance results. Check out my website at