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Oral cancer screening saves lives

For oral cancer screening in Las Vegas, call (702)372-4039

Most patients don't need antibiotics before dental procedures to prevent infective endocarditis

The American Heart Association has published new guidelines for the use of antibiotics before dental procedures. Read about it here: Most patients don't need antibiotics before dental procedures to prevent infective endocarditis

Tainted toothpaste in Las Vegas?

There aren't any reports yet of tainted toothpaste in Las Vegas, but tainted toothpaste is likely to be found locally just as it has been in multiple other states. Check out this article published at Chemical Found in Chinese ToothpasteFirst tainted pet food and now tainted toothpaste. That’s right, tainted toothpaste! The maker of a Chinese toothpaste is under investigation for adding diethylene glycol to its toothpaste. Diethylene glycol is also the chemical that is blamed for taking the lives of at least 51 Central Americans after it was found mixed with cough syrup last October.The Chinese made toothpaste called “Mr. Cool' and 'Excel' was said to be illegally imported from Panama into the Dominican Republic. According to this press release, the toothpaste was removed from shelves after a customer noticed that diethylene glycol was listed under the ingredients.If you live in the United States, always make sure that the toothpaste you purchase has th…

One Tooth Lost For Each Child: Could happen

How Does Pregnancy Affect My Oral Health?
It's a myth that calcium is lost from the mother's teeth and "one tooth is lost with every pregnancy." But you may experience some changes in your oral health during pregnancy. The primary change is a surge in hormones-particularly an increase in estrogen and progesterone-which is linked to an increase in the amount of plaque on your teeth.
How does a build-up of plaque affect me? If the plaque isn't removed, it can cause gingivitis-red, swollen, tender gums that are more likely to bleed. So-called "pregnancy gingivitis" affects most pregnant women to some degree, and generally begins to surface in the second trimester. If you already have gingivitis, the condition is likely to worsen during pregnancy. If untreated, gingivitis can lead to periodontal disease, a more serious form of gum disease.
Pregnant women are also at risk for developing pregnancy tumors, inflammatory, benign growths that develop when swollen gu…